Bruce Bennett Studio

Welcome to the Bruce Bennett Studio, the southern home of Groundlift Music.

Bruce Bennett Studio 2015

Studio Gear

  • Trident 65 Series transformer balanced class A mixing console. 
  • Various vintage and modern tube pre-amps.
  • Meek optical limiter, 1612 limiting amplifiers.
  • Tons of vintage and modern amps, pedals, tape delays, spring verbs, Ampex 2 track.
  • Great Tama studio drum set.
  • Wurlitzer
  • B3
  • Upright piano, Farfisa organ.
  • Drum room with 16 foot ceilings.
  • Pro tools.
  • Fine selection of microphones from AKG Sennheiser, Telefunken, Shure,  Blue, Cal rec, EV, Borg Grundman and much more.

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